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BGW Group – the arrival of a new approach to delivering client value!

Welcome to BGW Group!

We are a different type of management consulting company. OK, OK, we can hear the obvious question from you, the reader: “So, exactly HOW are you different from all of the other management consulting firms out there?” Well, allow us to explain.

To begin with, we are a consortium of likeminded business professionals, not career consultants, each with significant experience in our respective fields and complimentary skill sets, who value the opportunity to work together in order to help our clients with their most pressing, strategic challenges and/or initiatives.

Additionally, each one of us is a partner and owner in the firm, we have no employees. We believe that this model will accomplish two things, 1) each partner will have an equity stake in how they perform, and ultimately, how well we will perform as an organization, and 2) our clients will only be interacting and/or working with a partner, or partners, on every engagement.

Finally, we focus on identifying our client’s challenges, working hand in hand with them to design the optimal solution, and then we work with them to execute in order to achieve our client’s desired results. Or more simply stated, we focus on A) identifying the specific business problem that our clients face, B) imagining what success would look like and 3) moving as quickly and efficiently from A to B!

We are BGW Group – helping our clients move from the “Present and the Known” … to the “Future and the Possible.”

Future posts in this space will be targeted for discussing a variety of business issues, challenges, problems, solutions, theories, practicalities and general wisdom. You will not only be reading our thoughts and opinions, but those of leaders in a variety of disciplines, businesses and industries.

Please come back often, and feel free to share with others who you think would benefit from our posts.


BGW Group